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E3 2014: EA reveals concept art of Mirrors Edge 2

Electronic Arts has revealed the concept art of Mirrors Edge 2 before its official announcement at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event.10361031_259744830880955_2966935481064915434_n

The concept art has revealed the main character Faith ready to run in the unnamed futuristic city. Several leaks have mentioned that Mirrors Edge 2 will have an open world feature and users will require to be online during gameplay. However users remain offline while playing the single player campaign. The game will include new AI enemies like Protectors, Sentinels and enforcers.

Mirrors Edge 2 is the second part of the trilogy developed by DICE the creators of games like Battlefield 4, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and upcoming Battlefield Hardline. The third part of Mirrors Edge will be a prequel based on the protagonist Faith. In 2008, senior game producer, Owen O’Brien had said that “The story we’re telling at the moment is a kind of trilogy. a three story arc”.

Mirrors Edge 2 will have refined parkour movements when compared with Mirrors Edge and the battle systems have been revamped for more speed and flexibility. The gaming has also been made more challenging as enemies armed with guns will battle a weapon-less Faith.

Last year, DICE mentioned that the design of  Mirrors Edge 2 and the online and technical capabilities of the game design make it only on gen 4 platforms like PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Mirrors Edge 2 will be officially announced by EA during the E3 event on June 9 and will be released in 2016.

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