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E3 battleground set for Sony and Microsoft

As the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will kick off in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the big gaming players in the market Microsoft and Sony will fight for their superiority over gaming consoles and these companies could launch some blockbuster games during the press event on Monday.e3-expo-june

As Sony is grooving with its PlayStation 4 and Microsoft increasing market-share with its Xbox One, Nintendo is said to take a lower profile approach with its own online event just before the E3 Gaming Show officially opens. Both Sony and Microsoft will showcase the new titles with high-end graphics and it will never forget to promote their respective gaming consoles in all possible ways, especially as a home entertainment device.

Sony will be entering into the game industry’s largest trade show E3 with more confident than Microsoft, as it has managed to oversell the Xbox One in worldwide market, at least by 2 to 1 ratio. And, Sony has already unveiled Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs title, promoting it as “the game with best graphics on PS4 than any consoles.”

Last month, Microsoft planned a different approach to increase its console sales. It has reduced the retail price of Xbox One console by selling it without the Kinect motion detecting sensor systems. During the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft said that the Kinect was integral part of the console to perform better.

We are keen on looking at their promotion of the consoles, whether for hardcore gamers or for living room entertainment. Microsoft was promoting Xbox One consoles as an all-in-one device for gaming as well as home entertainment centre. But Sony targeted at only gamers even though its consoles can be used to view videos, movies, television shows and other digital entertainment products as Microsoft’s console does.

However, Microsoft could change its course by promoting the gadget for hardcore gamers with its exclusive game titles for Xbox One. Sony will also showcase its exclusive titles and it could, possibly announce its virtual reality headset similar to that of Oculus VR, at the E3 Expo.

You could expect some mind-boggling game franchises of popular games like Halo, Far Cry, Resident Evil, Unchartered, Halo and Call of Duty. As Halo is an exclusive game for Xbox One console, Microsoft could showcase the ‘Destiny’ game from the same studio that built Halo for its latest gaming console.

Stay tuned for more updates on the E3 event. Post your valuable opinions in the comments field below.

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