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Tech giants strengthening security against spy agencies

Google and other big technology firms such as Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are increasing their security, strengthening their defenses and encryption level, making it hard and expensive to be breached by NSA and other government-funded spy agencies.

Google’s data center at Iowa

According to a report from the New York Times, the search engine giant is working on a high-expensive project that will be laying new optic cables across the oceans worldwide and started encrypting more of its information; both to keep the user data secure and protect its users’ privacy against the snooping of government sponsored spying agencies. Google began this project as an effort to cut costs and extend its influence, but now, it seems the company has added a new purpose for the project.

Most of the technology companies have already cooperated with such spying agencies for user data requests, while some companies still unaware of the snooping activities. However, the anti-snooping activities begins to get furs after the NSA revelations leaked by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor.

Referring to national intelligence data gathering, Google’s security chief Eric Grosse said in a statement:

“I am willing to help on the purely defensive side of things [referring to NSA’s plans to improve cybersecurity], but signals intercept is totally off the table. No hard feelings, but my job is to make their job harder.”

Now, the other technology firms are also moving towards increasing their cybersecurity measures by imposing encryption tech to their data transfers. Telecommunication companies such as AT&T and Verizon has already released statements regarding their oppose to provide user data that not covered by existing law.

This fight between governments and corporations looks like the fight between virus programmers and anti-virus developers. More secure they make, more harder will be the spy agencies’ push. For an example, recently, Vodafone has revealed that “some governments” want to tap directly into its communication networks for snooping over its customers’ data and conversations and it has created outrage among privacy advocates.

On Wednesday, the general counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Robert S. Litt said:

“It was an unquestionable loss for our nation that companies are losing the willingness to cooperate legally and voluntarily with American spy agencies.”

Is this a make up in front of its users or really these companies are willing to protect the user data? What’s your opinion on this ant-NSA steps by Google, Microsoft and others?

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  1. My opinion on the NSA and DEA are that they are pond scum. Right there with terrorists for worst humans on the planet. Pathetic.

  2. Michael Rothberg

    I think Ms. McEnroe should take a basic grammar course. Most of her article requires re-reading each sentence to decypher what she is really trying to say.

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