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Get ready for Amazon’s Kindle Phone launch on June 18

As the largest online retailer begins inviting for its next-gen device launch event at Seattle on June 18, Amazon is set to unveil a new smartphone on same day and is rumored to include a unique 3D display, that means our last report of possible launch of Amazon smartphone by July 2014 turns to be a true story.amazon-smartphone-kindle-phone

The specifications of the phone have not been revealed but it has been reported that the device will feature a 4.7-inch display with cameras in two top corners. Reports have also mentioned that the display will have a 3D holographic interface. The smartphone is rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. The Android OS will be similar to the customized version used on Kindle HDX and Amazon’s other tablets. If you want to look at the clear picture of the Amazon 3D smartphone, read our last report.

Amazon will utilize Omron’s Okao Vision 3D face sensing technology to track head movements. The Japanese technology was altered by Amazon’s internal team to process 3D effects on a normal LCD display. The four front-facing cameras at the top corners will track the head movements using Okao face tracking and additional side panels can be accessed by tilting the smartphone.

Amazon will use the Omron technology in the future for recognizing facial features, age, ethnicity and gender. The smartphone will also feature a gyroscope and accelerometer  which can improve performance of the phone and faster response to OKAO Vision technology.

The 3D features on the mobile will also be used for gaming and will be able to compete with Nintendo 3DS and consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The 3D user interface will be limited to certain apps at the launch and others will be added later. Amazon’s smartphone will benefit the company not only on app purchases but will be able to collect data from consumers. The company will also be able to use GPS related data for Amazon Local services in the same way Google utilizes data for Google’s Shopping Express Service.

The device comes with 3D eye-tracking interface. The front facing camera of device tracks user’s eye to give 3D effects of UI on device. The 3D user interface will adjust as per choice of user but 3d effects is only seen by primary user. It is also featuring Image Recognition Tool which will help user to match the photos to amazon store to buy an item. The image does not reply upon Barcode scanning but the Image Recognition Tool match items with real picture.

According to some reports, Amazon will launch two types of devices – one is the high-end 3D smartphone and the other one is an affordable smartphone with basic features, and the latter one is expected to be launched sometimes later in third quarter.

The Amazon phone can be a worthy rival to Apple and Samsung if the company proves itself through the unique 3D holographic display. Amazon has released a teaser video for the upcoming device where a woman mentions “it’s moving with me, its very real life and I have never seen anything in my life”. The Amazon phone will be unveiled by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on June 18 at a Seattle event has started offering invitations to developers.

By looking at the people in this video and their moving heads suggest us the device with 3D screen and that too without glasses. Just go through this video:

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