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Mark Zuckerberg’s page hacked by Khalil Shreateh

Palestinian programmer Khalil Shreateh has found one privacy bug in Facebook coding, reported it to FB security team twice but after getting ignored both the time, he proved his point by hacking into Mark Zuckerberg’s FB profile. On the official MZ’s profile, he said that: “Sorry for breaking your privacy,” he wrote the Facebook founder, “I has no other choice to make after all the reports I sent to Facebook team … as you can see i am not in your friend list and yet i can post to your timeline.”

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Well talking about Khalil then he is an Engineering Graduate who was searching for a regular job after 2 years of degree completion. He said that he was just trying to earn that $500 bounty that FB pays for finding any kind of serious bug in their coding.

After breaching all the layers of FB CEO’s privacy he said that he hasn’t done it for any show-off or something like but he just wanted to earn some money from them. This work from Khalil has earned him lot of praise with numerous job offers. What else he wants now. He has shown his talent to world and now he is getting what he really deserves.

Khalil is a 30 year old young man who lives in Hebron. Talking about this serous issue, FB team has cleared that the report they had received was poorly worded with poor English. It was the only reason why they rejected Khalil’s warning. According to them they have spent over 10 Million$ on all serious bugs till now. These days they are receiving high number of bug reports which are non-equivalent sometimes.

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