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World’s best Thermometer developed by Australian scientists using light

Science has grown a long way paving way for exploring and discover the undiscovered. Inventions have been on since ancient times. It was Kelvin whose work is still renowned that we are able to measure the degree of hotness by using a term called Temperature. Any measurable quantity is incomplete without having a unit. Temperature being measured in different units having Kelvin, Fahrenheit and degree Centigrade. Well the matter to brood on is with the new invention that claims to be the World’s most sensitive Thermometer ever developed.thermometer-using-light

The claim by Australian researchers from Adelaide University at Melbourne that they have developed the most precise measuring and most sensitive Thermometer ever uses light to measure Temperature. Putting light on the Technical side,this Thermometer can measure up to a precision of 30 billionth of a degree! It would be difficult to mathematically express this precision.

The principle behind this Precision is different that it uses two colors of light from the Vibgyor spectrum that is red and green and projects into a crystalline disc that has a highly polished surface. These two colors travel with different velocities that red being slower than green when there is higher temperature based on the temperature of the crystal. As said by Luiten, just like the phenomenon of whispering gallery which is the reflection of sound, the light also can be made to circulate thousands of circulation that would help in measuring with greatest precision.

This Thermometer can be rightly called as Optical resonating Whispering gallery. If keenly seen the crystalline disc is a prism. Light has this capacity to travel with different speed in the prism. Prism in fact breaks the light to say in common terms. This phenomenon called Refraction helps in the present principle used in the new Optical resonance Thermometer. There is change in refractive index with respect to different colors of light which primarily drives the Thermometer and it is able to measure with great precision at room temperature.

Adding on, this technology can also be used to produce ultra precise instruments. Further research is to be carried out. This research by Australian researchers from the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) was funded by the Australian Research Council and the Premier’s Science and Research Fund by South Australian Government. However this changed the era of classical mercury based Thermometer to a whole new optical resonance Thermometer. More to come are the devices for accurate measurement of humidity, pressure, force etc.

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