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Motorola manufacturing unit in Texas to be down by 2015

Moto X is so far the best selling smartphone produced by Motorola. Interestingly, unlike many other best selling mobile phones, Moto X was completely assembled in the Motorola manufacturing unit of Texas, United States. In fact, the manufacturing unit of Motorola in Texas was created just in order to facilitate the flagship device of Motorola. But the dream run of the manufacturing unit in Texas is practically down to the finish line. According the recent reports, Motorola will shut down its Texas manufacturing firm by the end of 2015.

Motorola manufacturing unit in Texas to be down by 2015

Practically speaking, the dream run by Motorola in the United States has run out of ammunition at a very critical stage. This manufacturing unit in Texas was one of the main reasons which allowed the organization to cope up with the huge demand that Moto X had after its launch. During the peak time, the unit produced around 100 thousand Moto X units in a day.

Motorola planned for the manufacturing unit in Texas for two reasons basically. Firstly, it wanted to create a scenario where Motorola devices are assembled in one place and thus quote for higher quality than in case of Chinese manufacturing units. The manufacturing point in the United States also meant that there were no extra import cost of the parts and thus Motorola could rather quote a small price. And speaking the truth, Motorola achieved both the scenarios.

But then why is the Texas manufacturing unit closing down. According to the reports, the two plausible reasons are; firstly drastic reduction in number of workers. Secondly with the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, it is highly unlikely that Lenovo will allow United States to ripe the fruits out of Motorola. With the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, everyone expected that Motorola’s American Dream was in danger and now it is probably what is happening!

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