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3 arrests made against criminal post on Social media in Rocklin High school

Social media posting is becoming quite serious to people and youngsters who have been posting offensive and criminal post without much responsibility. Recently a social media posting led to the arrest of the two juveniles and a student at Rocklin under 18. The culprit has posted related to the gun violence at two Placer County high schools. As per the Ron Lawrence Rocklin Police chief, the nation is strict on threats of violence in the city or in schools.social-media-arrest

The sensational news started spreading right after the afternoon on Thursday when Rocklin police became aware from the Whitney High School’s principal about the guns and the shooting which was supposed to happen on Friday in Campus. The principal was informed by one of the parents of a Whitney Student. The same rumor was also been traced at the Instagram profile created seven weeks ago, saying “Whitney High School new world order 5/30/14”.

Nevertheless, there were no weapons found, with the concerned profile, as the police reported in the news release. Students reported administration that they followed Instagram profile briefly however, there was not much activity noticed after April 10.

The post was a reason of a little stir until Thursday in the campus and in the city and students, as people were alarmed by Friday’s date May 30, 2014.  Despite of any threat or criminal stir, the report suggest that school officials and Rocklin police issued a notice indicating 911 calls by parents, social media conversation and the other tips suggested by the police department.

Later on Thursday, police also dug up the separate threats post on Twitter, which was not associated with the original Instagram post. The release states,

“These new postings of school gun violence were against both Whitney High school as well as Rocklin high school, and caused more confusion and alarm among students and parents.”

Still police is engaged in the investigation. Police investigated three homes where they suspected the concerned juvenile lived.  The two culprits under 18 were arrested of making electronic communications and the criminal threats.

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