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Samsung unveils Simband and SAMI digital health platform

Samsung, the tech giant from Korea is certainly unmatched in its class in the field of smartphones and smart devices. But interestingly like all other greats, Samsung is not planning to limit itself to just smartphones. In an event in San Francisco recently, Samsung showed all the signs of taking sincere steps towards making health control smart as well. In the event, Samsung unveiled Simband and its plans to take on a serious Health Initiative.

Samsung unveils SAMI and health tracking device in San Francisco

In this 21st century, Health is undoubtedly one of the major concerns that threaten the humans today. Various health issues have increased itself at the rate of knots in the last decade or so. The fact is that unless we stay aware of the issues that are revolving around in the globe, it will be liberally impossible to stop! Thus, Samsung plans to create an open platform which will be used as a bank for all the health issues and remedies for them. According to Samsung, this open platform will be open to all doctors and patients such hat they can say updated on the go.

Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) will be such an open source software which will allow the storage of all he critical issues related to health. Samsung has also stated that SAMI will put in enough locks of security such that critical and important data is not lost or hijacked. According to Samsung, the patients will be the ones who will be greatly helped by the development of SAMI.

In the very event, Samsung also unveiled Simband which is a heath tracking device but certainly just one of its kind. Well, Simband has been designed in such a way that in later part of its development, any company can upload its algorithms for Health related issues and create a separate version of Simband for themselves. With proper insertion of algorithms, Simband will be able to track your pulse, heartbeat, etc.

Samsung has unveiled the basic structure of Simband and SAMI in the event. According to the company, both the systems need rigorous testing and only then it will be launched for public use. Samsung expects to launch SAMI later this year.

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