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Uber predicts the end of car ownership

Time and Money are something that is dear to a lot. With the evolution of various ride sharing companies, the above two constraints have been reduced to a great extent for middle class people. Thus with the range at which these ride sharing companies like Uber, etc are developing, it is not at all a false possibility that the thought of buying a car vanishes even from the subconscious minds of the people.

Uber plans to end car ownership

According to the report that was released on Sydney Herald, the possibility of self owned cars may well turn out to be an endangered thought. According to the details of the report, the increase of the public transports on the streets automatically allows the people to trot the globe without issues.

The addition of companies like Uber that allows you to share a ride, pick you up from your specified point and also provides a driver for you has certainly made lives easy. To all these I would also like to add the points that in such cases, you are being driven by a professional driver. Thus the risks of a freaking accident or being late are also reduced.

Although critics of ride sharing companies will certainly come out with points against them. But as a matter of fact, the usefulness is probably better that the negations. In the recent times, Uber has initiated the Uber SUV services that pack a serious punch for the large bunch of members. The only question that stays is what more do you need?

The services offered y ride sharing companies does not just include taking you places. The other ones are safe and qualified driving, savings on the ride, time savings, etc. Mr. Kalanick, Uber CEO has also stated that Uber is also looking forward to self driven cars. Well, practically speaking, although this will be exquisite but yet hard to achieve. But the development of self driven cars may actually end car ownership across the globe.

Just for your information: Google will be launching 100 more self-driving cars for testing purpose in 2015, but these will not be available for public until 2017.

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