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Facebook descended its auto sharing feature ‘explicitly’

The on top list of social networking sites; Facebook has been continuously on research to give its users the best. The announcement on changing the sharing works of open graph was given on May 27, where the social network makes you share explicitly.facebook-explicit

One would not be wanting a photo or a personal post to be shared with all of the friends on their profile as well as hardly take time out to create lists of specific people they want to share the post with. Well this news by Facebook will surely content the users like us.

What exactly this option will do is to cut down the automatic sharing on the website. This will help you to share things and post implicitly rather than showing up all the news feeds to everyone who visit you profile.

You may be using the applications like Instagram or any game that you would be playing of which score you may be publishing explicitly on your wall. This automated sharing will be on check by the new option to be included on the News Feed.

Facebook had introduced the open graph option that helped us to share our life stories like where we are or our location and what are we up to and with whom by allowing to tag with option the people who you are hanging out with.

Well one would not be sharing it with all friends or click on the names of specific people or lists to share with the introduction of this change to the News Feed. This de-emphasizing action by Facebook would ensure secure and more acceptable content sharing for the users.


According to Facebook:

This means people will see fewer implicit stories from third party apps in the future. However, people will continue to see interesting and relevant content from third party apps that their friends have explicitly chosen to share.

Well this improvement also puts a halt on the hoax messages which were circulating on Facebook almost a year back. It may be irritating or not interesting for some to see their friend’s score on a game or posts related to games they play. This would have got posted on their timeline me by the App they are using.

This new change in the News Feed would ensure no disturbance to the user. This change is sooner to be implemented on Facebook profile of all users. This would help us into an era of secure and undisturbed content sharing.

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