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Seagate to buy LSI Flash Technology from Avago for $450 million

Critically speaking, although Hard Disks are more bulkier than other form for storage devices like SSD’s and Flash drives but the era of Hard Disk Drives is certainly not over. But the fact also is that there is a gradual change in the market that shows that after sometime for sure, HDD’s will certainly be obsolete. Thus according Pat Moorhead, Forbes Contributor and Principal Analyst at Moor insights and Strategy, the acquisition of the LSI and Flash from Avago is a healthy step taken by Seagate. According to the reports, Seagate is supposedly going in with the acquisition for $450 million.


Seagate is one of the well-known companies when it comes to manufacturing of Spinning Media Storage. But with the latest development and the lack of approach by Seagate in this sector has sent the organization of the back foot to a certain extent. It will also be worthy to state that Seagate has shown no spark in the field of spinning media storage in the recent times.

Steve Luczo, Seagate chairman and CEO said in a statement:

“Seagate is committed to providing our customers with a complete range of storage solutions, and this acquisition will significantly enhance our flash storage offerings to supplement our existing portfolio. LSI’s ASD business has the broadest PCIe flash product offering and intellectual property in the market today and the FCD business has best-in-class SSD controllers with proven support for a wide range of applications. This acquisition immediately boosts Seagate’s range and depth of flash storage capabilities today, and these teams bring to Seagate the expertise to accelerate our roadmap in this important and growing market.”

Nevertheless, the truth is that keeping the cost in mind it is undoubted that the Flash Technologies and the SSD disk drive technologies are much better and the scope on development is much broader. Thus with the acquisition of LSI and Flash Technology from Avago, Seagate is literally the unprecedented leader in production of both HDD’s and SSD drives.

Thus speaking from the corporate point of view, this acquisition has literally forced the other players in the market to get into competition within themselves. Companies like Toshiba, Micron, Fusion – io, etc will simply feel the need to explore and develop more practically in order to stay in the hunt.

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