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Iranian hackers gathering intelligence through Social Media

The present state of the social media is such that everything that you put in can be used against you. More often than not we do read about things that refer to information leaked on the social media. Thus it was probably never an obsolete idea where social media could e sued for intelligence gathering. According to the reports put in by iSight Partners, Newscaster is doing it.Social Media in ripples

Speaking of the details published in the reports, iSight has allegedly pointed at Newscaster to be using the social media for the sake of gathering intelligence about various important organizations. According to the reports, Newscaster has already casted a wide and interconnected network of fake individuals posing to be intelligence officers, journalists, etc. The accounts of the fake individuals have been laid out in such a way that normal individuals will find it literally impossible to gauge the false out.

In one section of the report, iSight has also referred to existence of websites that have been aimed to puzzle people. These websites take the pain of diluting the main information and present it to the people in such a way that the real or the original data goes the mission.

Newscaster follows a specific pattern in which it traps its prey. The most common method is bombarding the profiles with messages that will lure you into sending mails with personal details like email, phone number, etc. iSight has also boldly pointed to ‘Iran’ as the base of such operations.

iSight has also referred to the fact that defense and foreign affairs should always be considered as targets to such methods of gathering intelligence. The truth is that you cannot plug all the loop holes of a system. Protection of such measures can only come through individual awareness.

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