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Apple assures users that iCloud wont be breached after hacking attack

Apple users affected by the hacking attack were acknowledged by Apple to change their user ID and passwords after the users reported locked iPhones with a ransom message.Apple

A hacker by the name Oleg Piss reportedly hacked iPhones, iPads and Mac devices of Australian Apple users which were reported on Apple online support forum. Apple users in Southern California had also reported of the attack though the number of affected users were not known. A ransom message on the locked devices asked the user to transfer $100 to a PayPal account to unlock the devices. Apple has responded by assuring users that the iCloud service will not be breached after the hacking attack and to change user ID and passwords.

“Apple takes security very seriously and iCloud was not compromised during this incident. Impacted users should change their Apple ID password as soon as possible and avoid using the same user name and password for multiple devices,” said Apple.

The support threads on Apple forum saw majority of complaints from Australia and complaints from US users. Apple users in New Zealand and Canada were also affected. The hackers seem to have got access to users Apple ID using Find My iPhone service and hacked the devices.

A PayPal Australian spokesperson mentioned that the Hotmail account mentioned in the ransom message was not linked to a PayPal account and the company had systems in place to protect hacked customers. PayPal also assured Apple users that the company’s cloud-based infrastructure would ensure that “no financial information is stored on your phone” so that the hacker will not be able to access any bank details.

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