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After Google, now Apple looks forward to make homes smarter

Is it just a meager coincidence or Apple and Google are looking forward to give each other some serious competition? According to the recent development of plans by Apple; the organization is looking forward to create a smart home based on the smart features that iOS showcases. Well, this is quite an interesting turn of events as Apple plans to allow its users to control all the electrical appliances in their houses via iOS.

Apple looking forward to make homes smarter

According to reports, Apple is quite likely to play two big games in the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The first one is likely to be the launch of iOS 8 and the other is the announcement of this smart home initiative. Although, this is literally turning into a trend presently where Tech Giants are looking forward to innovate at Home sector and make houses smart. Google’s deal of Nest and the rumors about another deal with Dropcam seems to be fitting the scene.

In fact, we have already witnessed quite a few inventions in home appliances that are smarter than what they were at their inception. Apple is already working with its own Apple TV project and is planning to launch some others as well. But as feared by the experts, there has to be a development at the control systems as well as controlling more than one device will require more than one application. This will in turn clog the memory of the iOS device. With the major rival, Google taking giant steps in the path it seems unlikely that Apple is just going to wait.

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