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Moto Skip: one tap authentication unveiled for Motorola Moto X for additional $20

Motorola Moto X seems to provide the mobile world with some new features and this one is the first by any company. Now any users can unlock their Moto X Smartphone with one tap using NFC authenticating device – Moto Skip. We can say, One-tap-you’re-in authentication. This small tag will replace the PIN or pattern unlock for the handset and you need to pay $20 to buy the Skip tag.


Users have to attach this small clip to anywhere on their clothing and tap the device on it to get the phone unlocked without using pattern or PIN numbers. Along with this clip, you will also get 3 small skip dots, which can be stuck to anywhere on your desktop, watch or wall and tap the phone to the skip dot to get access to your phone. If you roam in the range of skip dots, then you can also stay logged in to your device. By placing the phone on the dot, users can also use voice commands to activate some features in the handset such as setting alarms -“Ok Google Now, set alarm for 7 am”.

This device is expected to start shipping by next week. As the usage of this device points out, we can come to conclusion that the Moto Skip authentication tag will also works with any android phone with the NFC feature available. We yet need to get access to this device to test it on other android smartphones.

According to the Motorola, it is found that the average super user of any Smartphone unlock their devices using the pattern or PIN over 100 times per day and it means lots of time spent to do this task itself. Multiply 100 with the average 4.8 seconds per unlocking, which may come upto 480 seconds, which means approx 8 minutes per day, just for using PIN or pattern to unlock the smartphone! Many users use easy PINs such as 0000, 1111, 1234 to not to forget their password and it will be more open to anyone, who have physical access to the device and it is the security threat.


After acquiring Motorola Mobility for close to $12.5 billion, Google is trying to put every features to the phones of their own company and it’s starting with the very basic necessity – authentication. Google is extensively working on the authentication methods and feasibility for their products, especially Motorola and android phones. Moto X is the first complete Google phone. Google recently released the Stronger Consumer Authentication – 5 year report for the public and you can see the presentation on this report here.

Google is developing once-per-device and higher friction authentication modes such as biometric and Near Field Communication(NFC) technology. Although, the company not revealed the technology behind the Moto Skip we can easily guess it as NFC gadget by following the points provided by the company. The device will be initialy available on Motorola website and later on all gadget stores for not more than $19.99.

source -Motorola Blog

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