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UK police take down torrent search engine Torrentz.eu

The City of London Police took down the Torrentz.eu on the request of UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and returned online after 24 hours.torrentz-eu-ban

UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit have been sending letters to the Torrentz.eu website registrar Nazwa which is based in Poland and domain name was suspended by the registrar. However the website was back online after lawyers argued the basis for the removal.

“The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has recently contacted a number of domain registrars hosting copyright infringing as part of Operation Creative, and as a result several major copyright infringing website have been closed down,” said City of London police in a statement.

The UK police also recently removed FileCrop which is file searching engine which leads to file hosting websites.and a sports website CricFree.tv on Saturday. Many websites have been taken down including isoHunt and PirateBay. CricFree.tv has about million visitors a month and streams sport related videos and movies and the website was back online with a new CricFree.eu domain name. Torrentz.eu acts as a search engine to other torrent website has over 27 million links to pirated content.

The police unit also mentioned that if a website does not take any action they would contact the registrar to inform the criminality and disrupt advertising revenue. PIPCU has suspended 40 domains that infringing material and worked with the advertising industry to cut off revenue to the websites hosting pirated content. The City of London police have been increasingly taking down illegal copyright infringing websites to fight cybercrime.

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  1. congrats to the owner for clear image after they won the case.

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