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This is how a paralyzed teen will kick-start FIFA World Cup in Brazil

This is probably the point in time where technology grasps in the game of football at its core. Football has its own share of fans all over the world and a huge percentage of the fans are disabled. This is not something where FIFA is donating a few millions for the disabled all over the world. But this is the chance that FIFA has created to give the fans that spend their entire day on the wheel chair something to really smile about. In this years’ FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, the tournament will be kicked off (actually kick-started) by a football fan on the wheel chair.exoskeleton-fifa-kick-woman

Yes, what you just read is true and it might seem like big Transformers movie with all the technology. But the matter of fact is that the FIFA World Cup 2015 will see a human on wheel chair kick starting it. Three renowned universities of the world, namely Colorado State University, Duke University and University of Munich have put together a system that will read the brain impulses of a disabled child. The brain impulses will then drive a motorized exoskeleton which will in turn kick the ball for the person.

The very thought of something like this amidst the population in the Stadiums brings in a sense of Numbness. The technology that is being used in this event is a part of the ‘Walking Again’ program which is aimed at giving paralyzed people a chance to explore life again. While many people are still contemplating about the effects of this event, there is already a buzz among the Football fanatics to watch the first kick of FIFA World Cup live on Television. This might just even end up having a better viewership that an Argentina Brazil World Cup Final.

Most important part of the technology is, they used 3D-printed helmet to suit the person’s head in order to make this mechanism possible through the signals sent by mind. Amazing isn’t it? You will get know this in the video below.

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