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Ubuntu Edge breaks records in crowdfunding

The Ubuntu Edge, the projected and much talked about smart phone from Canonical that is created to battle Apple’s iPhone and also the Samsung Galaxy S4, hit a record with the crowdfunding, reaching above 10 million dollars on Friday. According to trusted reports the last known balance exceeded $10.4 million. The online investment has been made particularly by the generous Indiegogo users. This is the biggest crowd funding ever recorded which also out shadowed the Pebble smartwatch, which was only able to gather $10.2 million and was also the previous crowdfunding champion. With this achievement, edge has been able to create hype among the techies and also made its name on the Guinness Book of World Records.


Any crowdfunded, open-technology system such as the Ubuntu Edge might be a significant part of handling a few existing issues with mobile market. But the release of Edge is facing some major challenges. The first one being patent war. Smartphone technology is facing patents at each and every turn. Whether it is layout, interface or even display similarities, it is to be monitored and checked for copyright issues. More importantly, the firms holding these kinds of patents — for example Samsung, Apple — have got large authorized employees, large administration budgets along with a proven appetite for utilizing all of them.

Even though the Ubuntu Edge user interface seems relatively smart and it has several beneficial features, app developers usually grumble that it seriously reduces the length of battery.

Nevertheless, successful crowdfunding can help you get over the actual significant economic challenges in order to bring specialized mobile phones to promote. This might bring about any cellular hardware marketplace since different as the mobile apps market has become.

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