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Secret.ly launched its app globally on iOS and Android

According to all the people who had used the Secret messaging application on iOS or even knew about it were quite sure of the fact that Secret.ly should see the world! It is such a social messaging as well as anonymous sharing application that actually does not take in any important details from you and yet allows you to be active on a network of friends. Secret was only available to the users of the Silicon Valley initially. But with the constant media involvement with the iOS application, it is the news that Secret is at last going absolutely global.secretly-app-screenshot

As it is in case of majority of the social messaging as well as anonymous sharing applications where you need to put in at least one of the critical information for identification, Secret requires nothing. Secret is just an application that allows you to use your username and enjoy a social life without any inhibitions. The risks involved in case of Secret are quite minimal as you do not even need to provide your real name.

The day was yesterday when Secret was launched on Android and was made available to all the people of the world. Considering the fact that Secret was in action for just 4 months before the global launch, it does show the quality and the response that the application has received. The users will see quite a few changes as the developers have tried to make in better. The sharing options have been made diverse keeping in mind the kind of users that Secret might interact with.

Till date, Secret.ly app was just available for the iOS users in the Silicon Valley. With the grand launch of Secret on Android and international launch, the social media might just have a new start in creation.

If you don’t know how the app can be used, we just show you an example. Recently, one anonymous secret.ly post created breaking news by saying that Apple is working on a earpod that can track heart rate and blood pressure via unique sensors, but the user who posted anonymously, later revealed that it was just a joke. I hope you got the point.

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