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Toyota recalls Sienna minivans, Highlander SUVs & Lexus GS350 sedans

United States’ automobile industry is on recalling spree and in a new move, Toyota also joined these companies, where it has issued recall on 430,500 vehicles that sold in US, including Lexus GS350 sedans, Toyota Highlander/Highlander SUVs and Sienna minivans.toyota-united-states

Toyota issued the recalls separately for three different safety issues on these vehicles, where Toyota Sienna minivans takes larger chunk with 370,000 in numbers. The recall has been issued over the minivans sold in colder climate states in US and sold from 2004 throughout 2011.

The reason for Toyota Sienna minivan’s recall is said to be the corrosion issue that can cause the spare tire to fall off if the supporting cable cuts by rusting itself that can be triggered by road salt. These spare tires are stored under the Sienna minivan, where Toyota inserted a foam water splash protector in front of the tire carrier assembly. This protector could wind up allowing high concentration of salt to build up in carrier’s assembly that can corrode the assembly cables, eventually.

In another issue, Toyota recalls 50,000 2014 model-year Toyota Highlander including the SUV version. The reason is a possible software glitch that could delay inflating of “smart” airbags of the vehicle. Toyota Highlander’s airbags can identify children, small women and large adult males to inflate depending on the type of people sit inside the vehicle. This system could also affect the quickness of the airbags’ inflation.

Toyota issues a third recall on Lexus GS530 sedans of 2013 model-year because of the brake pedal sensing switch issue. Lexus GS530 sedans has a unique feature called sensing switch designed to sense the pressure applied on the brake pedal to decelerate and avoid the severity of crash, if any. However, Toyota found the problem in these sensors, where it inadvertently activates itself that could lead unexpected deceleration of the vehicle. This may cause the vehicle to stop without warning the drivers behind the cars by showing brake lights, that could end up with rear-end collision.

For all involved vehicles, Lexus dealers will replace the brake pedal support assembly.

Toyota has also revealed that till date there were no accidents, fatalities or injuries reported caused by these problems. In recent years, Toyota had issued large recalls for corrosion related issues, including Tacoma and Tundra pickups. Japan’s auto company had also recalled few Sienna minivans four years ago.

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