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Steam In-Home streaming comes out of beta, available for all

Valve’s Steam users can now stream games to any two PC’s on the same network and can stream games from different operating systems, as the company brought In-Home streaming feature out of beta to all users.steam-in-home-streaming-wizard

The program which was on public beta since November was announced as an open service in a blog post in Steam’s website. The PC’s will need to have steam installed and they connect automatically once logged in and users can stream games to either computers. Currently users can use the application to stream games from Windows OS other operating systems like Linux, OS X and Valve’s own Steam OS.

“Players who have multiple computers at home can immediately take advantage of the new feature. When you log in to steam on two computers on the same network, they automatically connect, allowing you to remotely install, launch, and play games as though you were sitting at the remote PC”.

The main feature of the application is that it can stream content to a TV connected to a low end computer and stream games from a gaming PC or laptop. Valve’s Steam will also benefit with the feature as Steam machine, Steam controller and Steam OS users can have a dedicated OS for games and eliminating the need to remove any Windows games. Users planning to buy the Steam machine will have to wait for sometime. However the games can be hosted from a Windows OS currently and Steam is developing In-Home streaming for other platforms, where Linux, Mac OS and Steam OS hosting will be out soon.

If you still confused how to setup the Steam In-Home streaming, then just go through the below simple steps:

  • First login to Steam on a PC
  • Now login to Steam on another PC on the same network
  • Now you should visit Steam Library
  • Start streaming between your logged in PCs and enjoy.

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