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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can take on Apple MacBook

Finally, on Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled its new lighter, thinner and more powerful tablet Surface Pro 3 and with this device, the company seems interested in taking on not only Apple iPad, but also MacBook.microsoft-surface-pro-3

We have reported about the possible launch of Surface Pro 3 earlier. But, despite having so many rumors and speculations of its mini version of Surface tablets across the internet, Microsoft hasn’t launched it and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a 12-inch giant tablet with an advanced digital pen that has been integrated deeply with the device as well as its software – full version of Windows 8.1 with all productivity app support. Microsoft touted the 0.36-inch tablet as thinnest device with Intel Core processors ever and impressively, it weighs only 1.76 pounds.

As we reported earlier, the Surface Pro 3 tablet comes in a variety of configuration options for end users, while the basic and important ports such as USB 3.0, Mini Display Port and micro SD card reader, has been integrated into the thinnest frame. Configuration starts from Intel i3 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB SSD drive up to Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD drive. First one costs $799, while the latter one comes at $1949. The 12-inch ClearType Full HD display boasts a 2160 x 1440 high-resolution screen with 3:2 aspect ration, unlike Surface 2’s 16:9 aspect ratio.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 rear view

Surface Pro 3 comes with 5MP HD front camera along with a same rear camera and it has an impressive 9 hours of battery life. Some other specifications are stereo microphones, stereo speakers with Dolby sound, headphone jack and all necessary sensors.

Meanwhile, Microsoft seems learnt from its past mistakes and introduced new kickstand that can be positioned at any angle according to the need of the user. Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 had also came with a kickstand, but those had only 2 option for positions.

As it released with its predecessors, Microsoft has also launched as separate $129.99 Type Cover accessories for the new generation tablets with magnetic locking ability for stable usage of the tablet as a laptop. With all those horsepower, you could obviously use the device as a fully fledged laptop. The Type Cover features a larger and responsive trackball than its predecessor. Microsoft also launched a Surface Pro 3 Docking Station for $199, which can be used for desktop-kind of productivity and it supports 4K monitors as well.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 kickstand

Microsoft said that the digital pen, called as “Surface Pen,” is designed to feel as intuitive as traditional pen and paper unlike the traditional cheap, limited function stylus pens. Users can wake up the device directly to OneNote by touching the screen with the Surface Pen. Users can also store notes on OneNote easily using this Pen as well as other third-party Pens too.

Microsoft also said in a statement that Surface Pro 3 can replace both the Apple MacBoks and iPads. The company has also scaled the Apple devices to show the Surface 3’s really thin framework against those of MacBook, iPad and combo of both and tried to impress the auditions by showing the mobility and touch feature of the tablet.

Many researchers and analysts are already touted the device as a winner, we have to wait to see the sales figures and people’s interest on buying this gadget. By having a good user-base of business customers, Microsoft has taken a right decision by directing the tablet towards the enterprise market. Surface 3 tablets could give Microsoft a big boost, if all goes well during the releasing period.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Surface Pen

Meanwhile, the rumors suggests that Apple has also its own plans to launch a large 12-inch iPad Pro, aiming at enterprise market. If that proves to be true, then we are heading towards the real battle of tablets in near future. But we can clearly say that, with so many business-friendly apps, operating system and price factor, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 could be a real tough contender.

And if you still thinking about a Surface Mini tablet, may be, Microsoft want to add it under Nokia banner. Meanwhile, you should know that the Surface Pro 3 will be arriving to the market in September 2014 and shipping starts on 8/31/2014.

Official website: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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