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Stories introduced to Google+ web and Android app, iOS to get the update soon

Today, Google has announced that it has updated its Google+ Android app with Google+ Auto Awesome Stories, where users will be able to watch their photos via a travelogue that will be created by Google’s robots automatically. The company has also promised to release its iOS version of the app with the same update soon.

Once you get this updated on your mobile app or on web, then you won’t have to think about your online photo albums, Google’s robots will do it for you. With this new update, Google aims to stay ahead in competition with those companies that provides photo storage and photo albums for users, such as Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr and more.

At the same time, the Auto Awesome Movies feature within Google’s social network will also become automatic for iOS, Android and web users.

Google will not only make an auto awesome movies for you, but also recognize the locations, landmarks in your photos and combine all those photos to create a perfect auto travelogue for you, with an aesthetically appealing presentation. You can watch some examples of Google+ Stories created by some users – a paraglider Tom de Dorlodot, DJ Steve Aoki and Allrecipes photographer Angela Sackett. You can also click on the embedded story below, to experience it.

When you receive a notification about completion of your Google+ Stories, you can edit the title as well as the contents of those Stories such as removal of the video clips and swapping out of photos you don’t like.

Ben Eidelson, a product manager on the Google+ Photos said in a statement:

“We wanted to make something that was more than just a photo, something that brings out the richness of the memories behind the photos so they, together, come to life. We wanted stories to be something that wasn’t bothersome to make, something that could really be made for you and that you can tweak and share if you want to.”

If you want to get these Auto Awesome Movies, obviously you need to enable the Auto Backup feature of Google+ Photos, where all your photos and videos captured from your camera will be uploaded directly to your profile, which can also be shared with particular users and groups.

Google+ Stories will be automatically created in an hour or a day after the photos and videos uploaded to Google+. It would be better if you turn on the location history settings for your photos so that Google will automatically add locations in your Stories and if you haven’t enabled location sharing, then Google still generates Stories for you based on the date they were shot and uploaded.

You can’t say Google to stop generating Stories for you – no options provided to opt-out. It’s Google’s burden anyway. Moreover, all those generated Stories and Auto Awesome Movies will be private and only available to the owners. If you wish, you can share it with anyone, including friends, followers or public.

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