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Steve Wozniak publishes open letter to FCC to save Net Neutrality

In an open letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published by Steve Wozniak, the co-Founder of Apple support and explains the need of Net Neutrality.protect-open-internet

Wozniak states that innovation and experimentation can be stifled if new concerning net neutrality are passed into law.  Woz also points out his experiences with telecom companies and various issues he has face due to companies and government policies. He believes Internet should be free and unrestricted and warns the FCC that it will lose its “White Hat” if corporates in America break the Internet. Woz wishes that ISP’s allows internet usage in a way that users “own those wires” and choose what hey want to do.

“We have very few government agencies that the populace views as looking out for them, the people. The FCC is one of those agencies that is still wearing a white hat. Not only is the current action on net neutrality one of the most important times ever for the FCC, it’s probably the most momentous and watched action of any government agency in memorable times in terms of setting our perception of whether the government represents the wealthy powers or the average citizen, of whether the government is good or bad”

Woz plays an active role in Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which is campaigning for unrestricted internet. The net neutrality regulations are opposed by companies who use lobbying and outspend supporters by a factor of three to one. The FCC had recently voted for a two-tiered plan which could result in high-speed internet for those who are willing to pay and “slow lane” for those not willing to pay.

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