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BlackBerry Z3 sold out on first day of sale in Indonesia

Surprisingly, BlackBerry Z3 devices were sold out in Indonesia during the first day of sale at Indonesia’s capital Jakarta which predicts a good start for the company.blackberry-z3-jakarta-sales

The BlackBerry Z3 was exclusively made for the emerging markets, while the Jakarta Edition was made particularly for Indonesian market as BlackBerry has a strong following of BlackBerry users in the territory. The company placed its hope on the country due to declining market share in major markets like U.S and Canada and lost its third position to Windows phones. Indonesians queued up at the Central Park mall in Jarkarta to get their hands on Blackberry’s first OS 10 handset for the year.

The Blog post by Eric Lai said “According to my Asian colleagues, first day sales of the Z3 were several times stronger  than for our recent Blackberry 10 handsets. Feedback from our retail and distribution partners indicates that sales will likely continue to be strong throughout the weekend”

BlackBerry’s Chief Executive, John Chen had stated that he hoped to sell millions of BlackBerry Z3 devices around the world during the launch event. Considering the sales of the Z3 it could be possible. The company had also set up a large pop-up shops at the Central Park mall which displays the number of units sold with over 1,300 units sold for now. BlackBerry’s five-year deal with Foxconn allows the company to design and make low-cost smartphones and would carry BlackBerry’s name and BB 10 OS.

BlackBerry mentioned that it is likely to launch a LTE variant of the Z3 in the US though the company has not indicated launching the Z3 into other markets. Chen stated that the company is working on 3 to 4 devices including ” BlackBerry Classic” smartphone. One device will be touch based while the other three will have keyboards.

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