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Now schedule video calls on Outlook meetings with Hangout Plugin

Now a days, almost ever jobs are getting computerized more. The situation in the sphere of work among men is such that do not even have time to have a bit of talks with their friends. We all will certainly agree that a social interaction is extremely important for working class people as well. Thus aiding this situation, Google has released a small and beautiful Plugin that allows you to have video chats via hangout while you are working.Hangouts-Logo

Majority of the people who work on computers have a tendency of using Microsoft’s Outlook for mailing and scheduling of tasks. Now what if you could also schedule bits of time when you could chats with your pals and colleagues in the small breaks that you have within work.

According to the latest release by Google, a Hangout Plugin for Outlook will help you to schedule video calls with your friends. Precisely, there are two requirements for this Plugin to work – either you need to have use Google Apps for business or Chromebox. Well in spite of all these facilities there is something that you need to have and that is the permission from your employer.

The plugin adds a video call name to the Microsoft Outlook event, and participants join the video call from a Chromebox for meetings device by entering the video call name using the remote control.

The view about this Hangout Plugin has been a mixed one as some of the people think that scheduling of pass time will help the employees to get refreshed. The other part thinks that the introduction of Hangout Plugin on Outlook might get into the system of the employees leading to distraction and decrease on quality of efforts put in.

Lear more about the Hangouts plugin for Outlook Meetings from this link.

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