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Apple and Google end their fight over Patents

At last on 17th of May, the two of the giants in the field of smartphones ended their long battle over patents involving smartphones. This battle over the patenting of smartphones is one of the high-profile cases that the federal court has been listening to over the past few years.Googlevsapple

Google’s Android based smartphone makers and Apple have been involved in blaming each other for patent-infringement around the world. Apple has accused rival Samsung of copying designs and infringement of patents used in iPhones and iPads. Google argues that Apple had infringed the patents as the latter found the technology first. The truce will end about 20 patent suits between Apple and Motorola, said a source familiar with the litigation.

The situation in this battle went so ugly, that Mr. Jobs even at one instance called Android a ‘stolen product’. Well, ‘All’s well that ends well’. With the closure of this battle, the chances are that we will see better and upgraded iOS and Android.

According to the joint statement released by the two tech giants, they have reached to a settlement internally. There is no cross linked rights among their products and both of them will be working on developing products together in the future. “Apple and Google have agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform,” said Apple and Google. They also mentioned that the agreement does not include a joint license.

According to the experts in the scene, this is probably one of the major settlements that was required in order to allow something new to grow. To add to it, both Apple and Google have quite a few issues to handle with other companies. Apple’s clash with Motorola and Google’s recent loss to Oracle has already dented a lot to the companies.

The battle over patent-infringement began in 2010 when Motorola accused Apple of infringing several patents including one as how mobiles operate when on 3G networks while Apple claimed Motorola had infringed its patents for smartphones. However in 2012 the case was dismissed by Judge Richard Posner due to lack of sufficient evidence at Chicago Federal court.

With the closure of such a high-profile case, the world of technology is presently breathing a sigh of relief. Apple is expected to launch iOS 8 soon and so is the launch of Android KitKat 4.4.3 coming near. To wish for something out of the box will not be wrong as a person always looking forward to technological boosts, it will be really interesting to check out if Goggle and Apple plans to work together someday.

The issue of patents trolls have come into attention during the patent litigation where shell companies gather old patents and demand licenses from small and large companies. A source mentioned that the truce between Apple and Google would allow the companies to work together and promote patent  reform litigation currently before Congress. A bill for curbing patent trolling was passed by House of representatives in December with the support of the President Obama but was stalled by Democrats in the senate.

While the agreement settles patent disputes between Apple and Google’s Motorola Mobility over basic patents, Apple remains angry over Samsung on patent disputes, which is the biggest maker of Android smartphones.

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