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Mozilla adds DRM in Firefox to prevent users to copy streaming videos

The Internet Media is developing fast and the organizations that are not keeping up the pace will have to fall behind. There is a similar situation in many organizations. There are companies like Netflix and other Video streaming sites that are looking for ways to stream video on HTML5 and however there are companies like Mozilla which is in a fix about what to do? The next updates version of Mozilla will contain a built-in DRM which will allow secure streaming of videos but probably at the cost of user privacy.

The situation where companies like Netflix and all are looking around for ways to stream videos via HTML5, Hollywood demands to put in DRM so as to prevent copying of content. With no Flash or Silverlight plugins, it seems that the DRM is the only way out. But introduction of DRM in Freeware browsers will mean that there will be literally no privacy for the users. Companies like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari have already started making plans about it. Thus, Mozila had to give in order to stay in the market.

According to Mozila, this is a similar kind of situation that they faced in 2012. Even then they were pinned down but were back with better quality browsing for the users. According to officials of Mozilla, they will be introducing the DRM from the next update of Mozilla. They also said that keeping the privacy of the users in Mind, Mozilla will develop a technology that will allow the users to switch on and switch of the DRM while browsing. Selective browsing will result in much less loss of privacy.

In Mozilla’s own words:

Browsers must provide the ability to watch video or the browser becomes less and less the tool users need. A number of content owners (in particular film and TV studios) require technical mechanisms to reduce the ways in which people can use that content, such as preventing people from making copies. This technical mechanism is generally called “DRM” for “digital rights management.” Browsers must implement DRM in a way that makes the content owners comfortable. Otherwise they won’t allow their content to be viewed through that browser.

This is why they have agreed to add DRM feature to their Firefox browser, driven by necessity. Now, the entertainment industry will look forward the similar action by Microsoft on their much criticized IE browser and Google’s Chrome browser. Netflix will be happier than any other content providers with this news, as it was the company which wanted all browsers to implement DRM technology.


Recently, Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to version 29.0.1 that comes with many bug fixes as well as new features such as new customization mode, easy to access menu at the top right corner and most features from the previous major version 29 update.

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