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Twitter is now officially rolling out the Mute option to all users

Twitter has already introduced a new password resetting feature for its users and we reported about the Mute button testing and we experienced it too. Now, Twitter has officially rolled out the Mute option for all users.twitter-mute

The mute feature is something interesting coming in the streamline that can actively control the updates moving in the news feed area. As per the explanation by the Twitter blog, the tweets and the activity of the users will disappear from your timeline, once his account is muted. However, users if they wish they can respond via replies, through their favorite tweets, but the retweets will be removed from the user’s view.

Mute feature is a synchronized version of the block function, where users can remain partially active or even the get important updates by the muted friends. But at the same time, it will avoid unnecessary follow up or viewing comments in the @mentions sections.

It is not the first experiment where the users are privileged with muting the undesirable followers. Unofficially, a few third party twitter services such as Tweetbot and TweetDeck allowed accessing this option to a large extent. This is also similar to the Google’s Mute feature integrated in Google+.  However, with the tweetbot one had the option to block the entire app to show its updates.

Definitely, with this update, one can obviously get rid of those irritating tweets.  But still, if one partially wants to get connected then one can easily unmute the person and stay connected.

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