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Microsoft slashed Xbox One price, now sells Kinect-less console for $399

Microsoft will offer Xbox One gaming console without the Kinect sensor and gesture controller at a slashed price of $399 from June 9 onwards.xbox-one-kinectless

The company’s decision to lower the price of the console is due to its rival PS4 which is priced at $400, which is $100 lower than the Xbox. However the full Xbox One package along with the Kinect will be available at $499. Microsoft hopes to revive its Xbox One’s declining sales by introducing price slash with more choices, when compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox said in a statement:

“We’ve heard from people that they like to play games with a controller in their hand and what we wanted to do was to make sure that for those people there’s a version of Xbox that really meets the exact needs they have.”

The number of Kinect users is low as one in five people don’t use voice commands. Spencer mentioned that 80 percent of Xbox users use Kinect to control their console, with an average of 120 commands per month. The frequently used commands were “Xbox On,” “Xbox Record That” and “Xbox Broadcast.”

The Xbox One would work only after connecting the Kinect console during its launch, but eventually Redmond removed the feature due to privacy concerns. Another reason for the low popularity of Kinect is due to the lack of games which require the camera and developers do not seem to be interested in incorporating Kinect.

The Xbox One will now allow users to use applications like Netflix, Skype, YouTube and Internet on the console without having to pay $10 a month. Live subscribers will get free games, 50 and 75 percent discount on new game titles and a “virtual VIP room” access that would offer discounts for other products, said Spencer. This would attract more users to sign up to Microsoft. More details on discounts and offers could be found at their official announcement page.

When launched in last November, has sold over 1 million Xbox One consoles in 24 hours of its launch on last Friday, similar to what Sony had revealed the same number in its first day sales. Microsoft worked very hard in marketing the console and it seems to be successful in reaching the consumers. But since last month, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a preferred choice for many gamers across the globe.

On another side, Sony is desperately marketing its PS4 and recently it has reached at its extent by claiming that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is the game with world’s best-ever graphics on any consoles, when run on 1080p with 60 frames per second.

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