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Iranian Women are going off veils on a Facebook page

Facebook is gradually becoming a personal space for many people in the world. Many people especially woman often finds Facebook as their liberal space, where they can secretly fly and do the things they desire to. Well, this introduction brings forth the main news in the discussion of thousands of Iranian women publishing their photographs on social media such as Facebook without putting on their veils.iranian-women-without-jijab

Although, this does not seem any feministic move as of now, but surely it has ignited a new debate on wearing and discarding veils (hijab). As The Guardian points out, Facebook page set up by London-based Iranian journalist Masih Alinejab has earned around 130,000 likes, and this has stimulated multiple women across world to send unveiled faces click at public places, holidaying destination and at other rejoicing events. She says she was not personally opposed to the hijab, noting that her mother is veiled, but believes people should have the freedom to choose.

Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women, the name of the Facebook page, has gained over 100,000 members since it was first created a week ago. On average it’s gaining about 20,000 members per day, most of them from inside Iran. As of writing, the page has already crossed the 161,000 likes.

An Iranian woman, Maryam in an image where she is behind a wheel, writes that “she feels as if wind is blowing on her face, when she does not hijad”. Meanwhile the other women feel that she is not opposing to the hijab, yet as compared to her mother, she believes that she must have some options to choose from.

She also made a remark that she has been receiving messages after uploading these pictures and launching on the freedoms of the Iranian women. Moreover, she added that she made it authentic by verifying the source of the picture sent from and also, seeking the permission of owners before publishing. To add, it has been take care that one does get hint of author’s name.

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