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Square updates its app to allow make a pre-order and pick up later

Mobile payment firm Square has launched a new app Square Order that allows users to make a pre-order and pick it up later, by replacing its no-so-popular application Square Wallet.square-order

When anybody says that the online world has made shopping easier, he is damn right. With development of online stores and applications, shopping has gone to a complete different level of ease. All in all, this surely goes well with the buyers. This will go even better when they will have the freedom to make a pre-order and pick it up later. With Square’s new app, you can certainly do so.

Square started off as an application that sold point-to-sale software and readers to businesses. With Square Order, things went better for this company. The number of users increased greatly with introduction of Square Order. And here comes another addition to the list of consumer favoring applications from Square.

Square Order is an application that allows the customers to make an order according to their needs and hen pick it up later. All you will have to do is make an order and pay with your credit card on Square reader. You will receive a notification when your order has been placed and again when it is ready. The work left is to pick it up according to your wish.

Square Pickup is available on both Android as a beta app and iOS. The best part of the deal is that Square will only charge 2.75% of the bill in addition. This is probably the lowest charges in this genre. This will help the buyers for sure but will also help many local merchants with a probable growth in their business.

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