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Now Uber will help you book private jets to board to Cannes Film Festival

Uber has already earned itself a spot of hatred in the minds of the other cab drivers, bu the company doesn’t look like stopping from trying its hands on new ideas. Now, Uber is providing you a private jet to board to Cannes Film Festival via its app by partnering with Goodwill Private Jets.uber-goodwill-privatejets

For those who are not aware of the services provided by Uber, let me clarify – Uber is a Cab service providing organization that operates on the smartphones via its application. What you can do is sit back in you couch and yet call a cab with ease. And believe me when I say that Uber has made it real big in this sphere. Recently, the company has launched uberFamily, a car seat adding feature for parents in New York. Now to add to its feathers, Uber is launching a service that will allow the big starts of the Cannes Film Festival to board private jets during the festival.

The opportunity will be valid from 12th of May to 18th of May and here is what the big starts will be getting from Uber. The users will be able to book a private aircraft for themselves. There will be an Uber Black Car that will take them to the Bourget Airport of Paris. From there you will be able to board your private jet. Once you land Nice, there will be another car waiting for you to be driven down the roads of Cannes. The airline service will be provided by Goodwill Airlines.

Now here is a much better surprise. All of this will be just for 6490€ (approximately $8900). Now this is real cheap when you consider the big boys who will be down the streets of Cannes during the week. They will also have the luxury of splitting the cost between three members. Now what will be more interesting to see is that how many people actually do avail the service. Are you one of them?

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