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Here is the LG G Watch, powered by Android Wear [Video]

Smartwatches have become a new taste for many people across world, at least somebody! After a couple of launch, people are look forward to new taste and feature in this upcoming niche. LG managing the smart league again is trying to hype the new gadget G Watch.lg-g-watch-android-wear

The Korean Electronics is hitting hard to gain the higher momentum by releasing its new teaser view showcasing its Android Wear-Powered device. Although, the new video does not put many eggs in the box but obviously the product is impressively launched to steal the hearts of its customers.

This new video is released after LG launched its teaser site last month, showing people its latest innovations G watch. The watch is expected to get launched somewhere between May to June, with Google’s dedicated operating system for wearables – Android Wear. This square designed watch is maintained with sleek design and unique texture, of champagne gold with a white band streak or “stealth black”.

When it comes to features, the watch is the highly useful in catering the information such as showing the directions and reminding the calendars. Besides this, it is voice-activated, so one always command their watch to perform in need. To add, customers can also swim, dance and roam around without any concern of getting it wrecked with its water-resistant and dust-proof build. Unlike other smartwatches already knocking in the market, this watch has a unique selling point as it never go to sleep and the display will always demonstrate time once you down at your watch.

This is not the first time the company is unveiling the device, it unveiled the device in last March, just with a teaser photo, but Motorola had unveiled the teaser video of its roundly designed Moto 360 in the same time of the unveiling of Google’s Android Wear OS.

LG has a good history of partnering with Google for its hardware-software partnership with Nexus smartphones (Nexus 4 and Nexus 5) and Google Play edition tablet (LG G Pad 8.3 GPE). Hence, the somewhat established Korean smartwatch-maker Samsung will be getting the stiff competition from its domestic competitor.

The new G watch will make its remarkable appearance on May 27 along with LG’s new G3 Smartphone. Watch the teaser of LG G Watch below:

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