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Samsung will launch Tizen smartphones, initially in Russia and India

Samsung is likely to launch Tizen smartphone at an event in Moscow which is based on the company’s homegrown operating system, According to a Wall Street Journal report.Samsung_Tizen

The launch will be held at an “unpacked” event in Moscow in the same way the company launches its flagship smartphones. Samsung had previously mentioned that it would launch its first Tizen-based by January but carrier partners in France, Japan and Spain caused the delay. Samsung hopes to compete with Android and iOS by launching Tizen to multiple devices like smartphones, wearables, appliances and vehicles.

Tizen’s development will be looked after by Samsung and Intel, while Japan’s NTT Docomo and other companies also working on the development. This open-source operating system has licensed Android elements from Google allowing mobile carriers to customize and serve its subscribers efficiently. The Journal mentioned that Samsung plans to launch the Tizen-based smartphone in India and Russia in order to avoid competition with two rivals and to take advantage of emerging markets there.

Even though Samsung relies on Google for software updates, the move to introduce Tizen-based smartphones means that the company wants to compete with its Android partner. Incidentally, the Tizen developers conference in San Francisco is happening at the same time during the announcement event. More details regarding the phone will be known only after the Moscow event as Samsung and Tizen association refused to comment.

Samsung and Intel have also conducted developer conferences  for bringing in third-party developers for Tizen. Samsung is likely to focus more on Tizen-based smartphones as most of the revenue is earned by Google by selling software and services using the company’s smartphones including its latest flagship phone Galaxy S5 which runs on Android.

Earlier, we have expected to see the Tizen-based smartphone at the Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona on last February. But, we have already seen a developers version of Tizen-based 10.1-inch tablets along with the build kit in last year.

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