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New Gmail desktop UI leaked – Is this the beginning of Google 2 project?

In early April, Google caught testing the new user interface for its mobile version of Gmail and now it looks like Google is apparently testing the similar UI for desktop version of Gmail too.gmail-new-ui

Gmail’s new desktop look has been leaked by Geek.com, which suggests not only the new mobile-kind of UI, but also could see the expected, potential Hangouts-Google Voice integration that’s in collapsible mode. Most importantly, Google will be removing “stars” feature from Gmail and it will be introducing “pins,” instead.

Apart from these changes, we can also see a deep integration of Calendar inside Gmail, where Google has added “reminder creation bubbles” at the bottom right corner of the window. The interface looks very clean and neat with minimal and responsive design. According to the source, Google will be transforming its future products into a new user interface as we can see in the leaked screenshot. Geek.com says, “It’s a simple UI tool that will let you store multiple unfinished reminders or messages in a sort of ToDo list if you are so inclined.”

When Google acquired the popular iOS and Mac email app company Sparrow in 2012, it said that the company will assign Sparrow’s 5 employees to a “new Gmail project” and it seems the outcome of the same talents. Google acquired Sparrow for reportedly around $25 million.

It’s also rumored that the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant is working on a new “Google 2” project, where the company will reportedly redesign all of its applications with a focus on full-page display of content along with moving the distractions like menus and other things out of the main window. The main intention of the company is to build products using single design to scale it on every devices such as on desktops, mobiles and even on wearable smart gadgets. Google will also change the icons of every apps with much lighter colors and flatter design.

Recently, Android’s UX chief Matias Duarte said at the Accel Desing Conference, “We need to stop thinking of mobile as a separate class and everything should be considered as one product, that includes desktop, tablets, smartphones, wearable computing devices and in-vehicle devices, all together.

It’s still unclear about the roll out date for the next refreshing Google app updates. But as the rumors gaining more proofs, we could expect the changes soon. Stay tuned.

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