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Twitter adds strong password resetting options and login security

Twitter has added a new password resetting method, where users have to verify a code sent to his/her mobile number associated with the account.

The atmosphere around the social networking sites after ‘Heartbleed’ is such that everyone fears a loss of users. This might very well be the reason why Twitter has already taken steps that will ensure to a certain extent that its users remain secured. In order to bring in security they have added more option to reset passwords, if you have lost your password. This means that in case of an error in logging in to your twitter account, you will have the freedom to choose from a greater variety of options to reset your password!

Mollie Vandor, Twitter’s product manager revealed the new password reset method for its users. Now onwards, if a user comes in a situation of a lost password of a Twitter account, the user will now have more options to reset his or her account.


The latest addition to the process is resetting of account via Text messages. If you had a mobile number registered on your Twitter account, then you will be able to reset your password easily. This step along with the custom e-mail id resetting technique will surely provide a better scope for the users to regain their social life on Twitter.

Twitter has also made a few changes in the login system. There will be some sort of tracking of your Twitter account in case of too many repeated unsuccessful login attempts. Once the number of unsuccessful login attempts reaches the saturation number, Twitter will itself take the pain of informing you.

After the ‘HeartBleed’ bug created miniature havoc in the internet media, most of the Social giants have made their own changes to protect the privacy of its users. With the recent changes, Twitter also joins the brigade.

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