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Another Dummy iPhone 6 leaked, now in Gold colored unibody

Apple iPhone 6’s rumors and speculations are heating up as the launch date will be arriving in few months. Today we have seen few more photos of dummy iPhone 6 units in three colors.gold-iphone-6-rumor

The leaked photos shows three dummy units of alleged iPhone 6 – Gold White, Gray Black and Silver White. But the interesting fact is every model has the blend of gold in outer part of the home key’s TouchID fingerprint sensor.

However, the camera located at the top left corner of the rear panel is strange and it suggests the possible optical zoom feature implemented on the device’s camera lens, as we have seen in the previous iPhone 6 Concept video. But, in that concept, you can see a double camera lens. The design of these dummies also looks like HTC’s unibody design. Whatever, until the original handset comes out of Apple, we have to enjoy these leaked information, whether it’s true or just a mock-up.

Moreover, these dummies may not represent the final product, which could be possibly see a launch date in August – just relax and stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s next generation smartphones.

According to the rumors, Apple will be launching iPhone 6 in two sizes – 4.7-inch display variant and possibly a 5.5-inch model. However, some suggested even bigger displays, as big as 6-inch. Nevertheless, there are rumors about the 5-inch iPhones too.


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