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Ford recalls Escape, C-Max and more vehicles to fix safety issues

Due to door handle issue and air bag malfunction, Ford has issued two recalls for more than 750,000 vehicles which includes Ford Escape and C-Max vehicles in North America.ford-escapeThe 692,000 Ford Escapes and 65,000 C-Max released in 2013 and 2014 face software problem that would delay the release of air bags in case of an accident. However, Ford stated on Friday that there were no cases of accidents or injuries and dealers would reprogram the air bag control for free.

Another 60,000 Ford Escapes are also being recalled for fixing a door handle issue while C-Max vehicles had no door handle issues. According to Ford spokeswoman, the door handles were getting stuck in open position, gets tough to close or opens up while driving. Some models of 2010-2014 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans will also be recalled. The company would contact the owners directly and dealers would disable the switches that control third-row power windows.

The recalled C-max consist of about 65,000 and the remaining Escapes with 591,000 in the U.S and 3,500 in U.S territories. Canada has about 78,000 and 19,000 in Mexico, said Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker. The Escapes with the malfunction were manufactured during Oct.5,2011 till Feb 14,2014 while C-Max models were built during Jan. 19,2012 till Feb. 24,2014.There could be more vehicles affected in other markets, the company said.

The year saw one of the largest recalls in the automaker industry as Ford’s rival General Motors recalled about 2.6 million vehicles for ignition switch issues. The company had to deal with investigations and lawsuits in connection with 13 deaths related to the issue. This has caused concern among automakers and would remain cautious.

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