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Mozilla updates Firefox to 29.0.1 with bug fixes and new features

Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to version 29.0.1 that comes with many bug fixes as well as new features such as new customization mode, easy to access menu at the top right corner and most features from the previous major version 29 update.firefox-29.1

Mozilla updated the browser to version 29 on last month end with significant new design to cope up with the growing browser competition along with Google’s Chrome and other players. Firefox was re-launched in the year 2011 with the aim of getting ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. Standing at this point of time, Firefox has a better market share than Safari but Chrome and IE are ahead.

Firefox has now become a fastest browser with features like tab-browsing, pop-up blocking, Google search integration, easy privacy controls and easy to access menu buttons.

The new updated version of the browser comes with refreshed user experience, improved performance, high security features and more customization offerings with more than 5000 add-ons.

Some of the key bug fixes in the update includes, pdf.js printing white page issue, invisible tabs in Windows 8.1 under dark themes, failed session restore with corrupted sessionstore.js file and the update disabled Seer by default. Rest of the “NEW” features included in the changelog comes from the previous major update.

You may download the latest Firefox Browser from below links:

Firefox 29.0.1 for Windows | 27.7 MB

Firefox 29.0.1 for MacOS | 56.1 MB

Firefox 29.0.1 for Linux | 34.6 MB

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  1. Putting the "star" bookmark this page next to the show your bookmarks is bad, and there no more asking if you want to add this bookmark. I have had this version for a couple of days and have already hit the star button 4 or 5 times by accident. I am fed up with these automatic upgrades and would much prefer the previous version that I had.

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