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Big Techies stand up with FCC’s Net Neutrality rules change

The tech giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have signed a letter stating a consent in favor of the change in the set of rules (a.k.a Net Neutrality) proposed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Big Techies stand up with Federal Communications Commission Net Neutrality rules changeThe tussle has already begun between the Network Providers and the Federal Communications Commission. Just along the side there is another hard fight beaming up between the beats and the largest organizations in the business and the Network providers. According to the summary of the situation, it can be easily determined that the companies will be on the side of the Federal Communications Commission.

The internal strife has been going along for long enough now to be brought into the focus. The Federal Communications Commission made the change in a set of rules of broadband service. Till now, it was on the part of the Network providers to decide upon the Bandwidth to be supplied to the companies. But now with the change in the rules, there is a sense of Neutrality among the users. This has badly affected the will of the Network Providers. According to the change in the rules, here will be Fast Lane for Use and the techies are expected to be benefited from it.

As expected this has not suited the Network carriers. They have had a sigh of relief as the U.S. court of Appeals said that the Federal Communications Commission has no right to amend the rules. In spite of the charge put in by the U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Tom Wheeler has exclaimed that they people saying that the rules are partial are wrong. The speakers will soon realize their mistake.

On last Thursday, an FCC official said that the new net neutrality proposal from the FCC meets the goals of past efforts and does not destroy open Internet principles, as critics have feared. The new proposal will intimate net neutrality principles because it would allow traffic management between broadband carriers and Web content services, but the rule-making will ask for public input before passing the proposal.

However, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler continues to tout his competition mantra with a call to challenge more than 20 state laws that prevent or discourage municipalities from building out their own broadband networks.

The companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, etc signed in the letter. Click o the source link for the list of all the 100 companies that participated in the letter.

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