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Snapchat has been rebuked by FTC over misleading users

It looks like only messages disappears from Snapchat app, not the company’s legal problems. In a latest move, Snapchat has settled with FTC in United States over allegedly misleading its users about the level of privacy it provided and collecting user information by violating its own privacy policy.snapchat-yellow

Snapchat has settled the legal issues with United State’s Federal Trade Commission on Thursday. Now it looks like, Mark Zuckerberg might pull back his words towards the Snapchat during an interview at Stanford University – “it’s a super interesting privacy phenomenon.” Read on to know more about the “phenomenon.”

Snapchat entered the market saying that the snaps taken from the app will be deleted forever, within 10 seconds after viewing it by the recipient. It sounded too good for users’ eyes, but later it has been revealed that those “snaps” were saved in its servers. Later, the startup has disclosed that those photos can be seen only by certain level of Snapchat staffs for legal purpose and it has been caught delivering some of the snaps to legal enforcement.

Meanwhile, those scatological or embarrassing photos could be saved on smartphones by taking screenshot of it, although the app intimates about it to the sender. Though many users blindly believed about the app’s privacy, it looks like FTC don’t agree with it.

When Snapchat markets about its services, it has said that its messages “disappear forever,” but actually can be saved in many ways, such as using simple workarounds that allows to take a screenshot of Snapchat messages without being detected.

However, Snapchat will not be fined for the violation, in fact the settlement is just a bit of rebuke to the startup. That makes the investors of the firm to breath some fresh air now.

Now onwards, Snapchat will be prohibited from misrepresenting the privacy and confidentiality of user information, under the agreement with Federal Trade Commission. Snapchat will be starting a wide-ranging privacy program and that will be monitored independently for next 20 years. If the company breaks this agreement, then only it will be penalized by FTC.

Talking about the agreement with FTC, Snapchat said in the statement:

Even before today’s consent decree was announced, we had resolved most of those concerns over the past year by improving the wording of our privacy policy, app description, and in-app just-in-time notifications.

One more important warning given by the FTC is regarding the application’s data collection about the users such as contacts and user locations, where FTC pointed that the firm tells the customers that its app won’t collect those information.

Do you use Snapchat? If yes, are you worried about the ongoing updates on its privacy policy? Will you stop sending the weird pics of your pets? (assuming that you are using the app to send funny pics of your pets!)

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