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Google is working on adding offline features like PCs to Chromebook

In a move to make Chromebooks similar to traditional PCs, Google is working on adding more feature that would enable offline use of Chromebook’s applications.11.6-inch-Google-Chromebook-3

Chromebook is widely dependent on the internet though Google added features that allowed users to watch movies and edit videos. The need was using offline applications in Chromebook was a complained by many users who were looking for a PC like functionality. The company will also be able to cater to user demand when a shorter update cycle is used.

“The platform has evolved and keeps improving. It is an OS that updates every six weeks. It keeps getting better,” said Caesar Sengupta, VP of product management for Chromebooks at Google.

Google is also attracting Windows XP users looking to replace PC’s for using Chromebook. As Microsoft has withdrawn its support for the OS, Google is offering discounts to consumers who with to replace Windows Xp PC’s with Chromebooks. Sengupta mentioned that more applications are being added to list of Chrome apps that work offline. Virtual desktop and remote management tools are also being added for effectively controlling remote computers.

Chromebooks has also plans to improve its overall performance for gaming and other tasks as Chromebooks with Intel i3 processors will be released by Dell and Acer. However Chromebooks will remain cloud-based with Google bringing in more features for internet accessibility. Another new Android-based feature is the voice activation which allows users to make calls, schedule appointments and process task similar to  Apple’s Siri.

Google is also looking to put the Chrome OS into the mini-desktop Chromebox and also digital signage products that update automatically, Sengupta added.

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