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Samsung’s design chief resigns following the Galaxy S5 criticism

Chang-Dong Hoon, Samsung’s head of design offered to step down after being blamed for the poor sales of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5.

Samsung has also been widely criticized for the lack of premium feel in their smartphones like Apple or HTC, due to the use of plastic in the phones. Samsung Galaxy S5, launched two months back was blamed for its less premium design causing its design chief to step down. Lee Min-hyouk, Samsung’s vice president of mobile design will replace Chang.

Lee, 42 a widely known name in Samsung known for designing most of Galaxy series  was also mentioned several times during the patent battle between Samsung and Apple two years ago. Lee began his career as a car designer in Samsung’s failed joint venture with Renault in 1990’s.

In a statement to CNET Samsung said “The realignment enables Executive Vice President Dong-Hoon Chang to focus more on his role as Head of design strategy team, the company;s corporate design center which is responsible for long-term design strategy across all of Samsung’s Electronics businesses, including mobile communications.”

Even though Samsung flagship smartphones are similar to iPhones, the company sold twice the number of phones than Apple. The Galaxy S5 launched At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February was criticized by reviewers for the lack of originality and similar to its predecessor, Galaxy S4. However it reported twice the sales of Galaxy S4 during its launch.

Consumers might not see a major change in design of Samsung’s future phones with the change in the design head. Only if the company is willing to innovate can Samsung stay at the top in the huge smartphone market. It’s also reported that Samsung will launch the premium metallic version of Galaxy S5 soon, while HTC already launched Special edition of HTC One M8 for Sprint in U.S.

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