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CISCO announced to invest about $150 million on startups

It is more often than not said that in order to make it to the big scenario, everyone needs a push at the right time. It seems that CISCO is planning to be the wall that will be delivering the push to many startup companies and companies that are presently running on small proportions. Cisco announced to allocate $150 million to fund such “Internet of Things.”

CISCO plans to invest about $150 million in startup companies
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CISCO that has already made its name in the field of Electronics is looking forward to pass on its legacy and business intelligence to companies that have the potential but might never be able to make it to the big scene. CISCO plans to invest about $150 million in such companies.

According to the statement issued by CISCO, “We is actually looking to build up link ups with such organizations that have the potential to change the way a certain things are done in the world. But they are unable to do so as there is a lack of opportunity for them.”

The main area of attention by CISCO will be received by companies that are working in the sphere of data and analytics, Information Technology, Various Silicon related programs, etc. CISCO will be giving a part of its attention to develop Indian in these fields as well. With the development of the Countries that CISCO will be working, there will be an overall growth of CISCO as well.

CISCO thinks that the Internet is too important an entity to be wasted even a small amount. Thus, all the following investments and the deals hat CISCO will strike through in the coming periods will be a part of the effort to utilize Internet and help others in growing. CISCO has already struck deals with Alchemist Accelerator and Ayala.

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