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Microsoft invites to media event on May 20, for a Surface Mini launch?

All the possibilities with relation to the actions of Microsoft is sending signals to the fact that Surface Mini might just be unveiled mat an event to be held in New York City on May 20.


Microsoft has sent out invitations to various well known Media personalities and organizations for an event that will be staged in the New York City on May 20. The buzz around the sphere is that Microsoft is planning to give its Surface Mini Tablet a perfect launch pad and the invitation mentions, “join us for a small gathering,” hinting of a small device launch.

According to the rumors that are floating, Microsoft’s Surface Mini is going to be a seriously small tablet with all the features of a tablet. The feature that will go missing is the monstrous size. According to experts and analysts, Microsoft is looking to follow the steps of Apple and Samsung while planning to launch something new into the regime.

The truth is that Microsoft does not need a mention to the qualities that it has to offer. Windows is a solid standing proof. The rumors suggests that the Surface Mini is going to be a Tab of screen size of about 7-inches to 8-inches. No any details about the small tablet are leaked out of the company, as of now!

Standing at this junction if Microsoft unveils the Surface Mini on May 20, the result might end up being good and bad both. Microsoft might already land up into a truffle with Samsung, as it already has its own issues with Apple. To the respite Surface Mini might just end up with the kind of platform needed. It will be extremely interesting to explore what happens on May 20. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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