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Qualcomm now adds Nuance’s Voice to text feature in Toq smartwatch

Qualcomm launched its Toq smartwatch in September 2013 and now the company has introduced voice to text function through Nuance’s speech recognition engine. This is a major update in Qualcomm’s wearable device, since its launch.


Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch wasn’t a complete product when it launched to the market for $349 as launch price, but late in February, the price was slashed to $249 to make some move in the market. However, new “Toq Talk” voice to text service’s addition to the device could help Qualcomm to sell few more thousand units.

The new feature will only work for SMS and it’s available in version 1.5 and higher version of the Android companion app. That’s not a bad start for the company in its wearable computing area, it could lay stepping-stones for Qualcomm to integrate more features within the device in future. Let’s hope so.

FYI, Qualcomm’s Toq app needs at least Android 4.0.3 powered smartphone. Download the app from Google Play Store. Once after updating the Toq app, you need to enable the Toq Talk on your smartphone to start using it on your smartwatch.

If you want to know how the new feature works, then just go through a small video by SlashGear. And if you are interested in trying your hands on this device, go to Qualcomm’s Toq page.

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