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OS X 10.10 update to add new features to Apple’s operating system

According to reports, Apple is planning to release a new version for Mac OS X operating system, OS X 10.10 which would be of greater importance than iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in San Francisco, this year.


As the OS X has undergone an end-to-end redesign, it will not be similar to the changes in iPhone and iPad’s operating system iOS 7. Apple mentioned that the development for the OS X 10.10 is “steaming forward” as the company is keen to push the new system to developers. The OS X teams would complete the new design for the OS X with the iOS 7 resources provided by Apple before the WWDC.

The OS X 10.10 will feature detailed icons, more white space than the previous version, sharp window corners and toggle designs similar to iOS 7. Though Apple is laying emphasis on providing a iOS-like interface, OS X features like window multitasking, Finder and mission control will not be removed.

The OS X 10.10 is also rumored to be internally codenamed as “Syrah“, named after a wine. Apple might pick up names for the public version from California landmarks like Yosemite, Diablo or Mammoth as the company has been filing trademarks for the same.

Apart from the release of the new OS X version, Apple will also reveal some of the upcoming features of the iOS 8 which would be released to public in late-2014 or early-2015. iCloud would also undergo changes and development of cloud-based apps would become more efficient for developers. Along with the release of 10.10 this fall, Apple will also release hardware updates for promotion of the new software.

Don’t expect any Apple hardware release at this event. According to the source close to the company’s plans revealed that Apple will not unveil rumored iWatch nor the new revamped Apple TV.

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