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Swarmconnect’s Swarm app – A Challenge to Foursquare before launching?

Foursquare has already decided to split its core app into two, the new app that will focus on check-in and location sharing has been named as Swarm. But, there is an Android app already available in the Google Play with the same name – Swarm.


There is an app called Swarm in Android and the company behind the app is providing game socialization and achievement services to many app and game developers.

The question arises, whether Foursquare will acquire Swarm LLC, who is behind Swarm, an app focused on games achievement, socialization and leaderboard. The firm already has many apps and games developers as its clients.

According to its official site Swarmconnect.comSwarmConnect is an SDK for mobile game developers. It offers leaderboards, achievements, social features, and monetization options.

According to Foursquare, checking in with its Swarm app will be faster and easier than its core app, Foursquare. Initially, Swarm app will be available for all iOS and Android devices since “later this summer.” Windows Phone version of the application will be launched in coming weeks.

What do you think? Will there be any legal disputes regarding naming of Foursquare’s new app or will Fourquare takes care of the issue?

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